Monday, March 19, 2018

last day of sale!

Hey friends! Today is the last day of my big SALE- everything in the shop is marked way down! You can head on over to the shop HERE to view everything.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

my top 5 favorite online classes

A big part of my job is creating online classes and I've created over 70 online classes! One of the things I get asked for all the time is recommendations for which classes to take or what classes are my favorites. So today I've got a roundup of my personal favorite online classes which was SO hard to narrow down them down to  fives because I get really attached to each and every class that I create but here are a handful of my favorite online classes.
The Traveler's Journal is one of my favorites because it's a class that is all about using those experiences, those travels and your creativity with the art journaling process. From free writing, collage, using photos to preparing pages and more, I share some of my favorite concepts and techniques for keeping a journal dedicated to travel and adventure.

Painter's Bliss might be my most favorite class that I've created simply because I open up about my painting process, that way that I channel my experiences and emotions through my painting and share my favorite painting shortcuts and techniques.

Watercolor Doodles is another favorite because whether you are a beginner or advanced when it comes to watercolors, creating doodles with a brush and paint is such a fun way to take those doodles to the next level. In this class we throw out our pens and pencils and only use a brush and watercolors. We explore shapes, mark making, lettering, color and more. 

Photo Play is a super fun little class especially if are looking for something creative to do with those photos. In this class I use printed photographs as the backdrop for layering, painting, journaling and mixed media techniques. I share some of my favorite tips and tricks for turning pictures into a mixed media art!

I am obsessed with chasing after dreams and creating Dream Builder was my way of sharing my own journey and lessons learned while giving some really practical advice about what it looks like to actually set and meet goals. If you are looking for inspiration to grow as an artist, launch a dream or find motivation to go after something big, this is the class for you! 
And just a reminder that all of my online classes are on SALE this week! They are marked way down so get em' cheap while you can!


it's possible

You know that thing you want to do, that voice, that goal, that stirring in your heart, that dream? IT'S POSSIBLE. In case you needed the reminder today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Hey friends! Today is my birthday and I want to celebrate with a giveaway! I am giving away a $150.00 gift card for Dick Blick. I am also giving away another gift card over on Instagram so to double your chances to win, you can head on over to my Instagram account.

To enter to win- leave me a comment
Tell me your favorite art supply
I will randomly select the winner and announces in the bottom of this post later this week



Congrats Michelle! Email me at and we will get you your gift card!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

a peek inside my petals and paint retreat

Over the weekend I hosted another of my Petals and Paint Retreats and as usual I was left feeling inspired and honored to have the opportunity to teach and connect with a group of amazing women. While I've been teaching for a long time, I always walk away humbled and feeling grateful for this crazy- creative life. I am so VERY thankful for those of you out there who support what I do!

Monday, March 12, 2018

birthday SALE this week!

Wednesday is my birthday WOOHOO and it's a tradition around here to celebrate with a sale! All week long I've got everything in the shop marked down- online classes, pottery, messy pouches and more! Head on over to the shop for all the good deals!

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

creating with janna: art journal paper collage

I have always been a fan of patterns and papers, since I was a little girl. Textures and structures inspire me - I love exploring surfaces with my eyes, hands and nose, feeling every unevenness and smelling the scent that makes each paper unique. 

That is why I started collecting papers and patterns. I use them on projects, but also in my sketch books. Creating paper collages is a great way to work with colors, textures and to relax while my hands are busy.

Here´s how this page came together. I had a bunch of different papers in blue and purple shades. I started by picking the papers that caught my eye right away and assembled them on a page in my sketch book. Some shapes where cut out by hand, some with a die cutting machine and others decorated with stitches by a sewing machine.

After arranging the elements, I wrote the title of the page onto a piece of white cardstock and cut it out by hand. I applied watercolor to the cardstock and stamped a few words with black water resistant ink onto the colored areas.

Most of my pages include lots of layers and dimension. I use tons of dimensional foam dots in my work to give the elements an appearance of hovering on the page. This means the sketch albums get quite thick, I solve this problem by tearing out pages and collect those. When I got enough pages, I bind them as a new sketch book.
I encourage you to start (or broaden) your paper collection, there is no need to start buying tons of paper – look around you, collect tickets, napkins, newspaper, save gift wrapping paper or keep any other paper you can find. I would love to see your projects, scribbles and process photos, so please tag me on Instagram with @jannawerner

Enjoy the process,


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